Vijayakumar D aka Vijay Dev
Software Development Engineer, Amazon
Ruby on Rails Committer, Contributor and Guides Reviewer
Bachelors of Engineering in Computer Science, Anna University (2003 – 2007)

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7 thoughts on “about:me”

  1. yeah, it’s true the “master” rocks!
    i liked ur blog..it’s fresh…simple n nice

  2. Hi Vijay,

    Can U mail me ur email ID. I needto discusss something important with you.
    my mailID is akashag1001@rediff.com

    Please reach me ASAP.


  3. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for the JODconvertor blog.

    Just a help in case you can help me out.

    Can JODConverter converts PDF to .Doc format.


  4. Krishnaveni said:

    Hi vijay,

    This is Veni , Web Applications Developer (Ruby on Rails), I fallow the people like you experts in Ruby on Rails, want to contribute documentation in rails, I read so may blogs can you please mail me how can i do.


  5. hello vijay,

    This is Abaranji from bangalore working as web application developer(ROR) i joined last 2 month back , can u tell me which book is useful for my carreer.

    MY mail id —-> abaranjir@yahoo.com,abaranji.r@gmail.com

  6. Pankaj Kumar Saini said:

    Hello Sir I am Pankaj Kumar Saini. I have been trying to understand rails for months. I had already studied ruby. I am deeply frustated with the contents that authors of rails are providing.

    For example: They say to use scaffolding but they dont tell the relationships between generated files and objects. The most frustating thing is that Rails has every new syntax and structure so it becomes very difficult for beginners like us to understand rails.

    Even their are not many good free contents on net. I have to pay money for learning which I don’t have much. The books are in small numbers and that which are cheap are useless and does not provide the deep understanding of rails that what I am doing.

    Please Sir, can you tell me that what should I do to learn Rails step by step in easy manner so that I can understand what I do while building any application. I am unable to understand the routing process and models in Rails.Please reply because even the contents on rails.org are not very helpful and except “getting started with rails” any other thing is out of track.

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