6 thoughts on “about:me”

  1. yeah, it’s true the “master” rocks!
    i liked ur blog..it’s fresh…simple n nice

  2. Hi Vijay,

    Can U mail me ur email ID. I needto discusss something important with you.
    my mailID is akashag1001@rediff.com

    Please reach me ASAP.


  3. Hi Vijay,

    Thanks for the JODconvertor blog.

    Just a help in case you can help me out.

    Can JODConverter converts PDF to .Doc format.


  4. Krishnaveni said:

    Hi vijay,

    This is Veni , Web Applications Developer (Ruby on Rails), I fallow the people like you experts in Ruby on Rails, want to contribute documentation in rails, I read so may blogs can you please mail me how can i do.


  5. hello vijay,

    This is Abaranji from bangalore working as web application developer(ROR) i joined last 2 month back , can u tell me which book is useful for my carreer.

    MY mail id —-> abaranjir@yahoo.com,abaranji.r@gmail.com

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