What I like in the new Twitter?

  • The Timeline, Mentions, Re-tweets available in tabs.
  • Layout changes causing Trends to move up the page.
  • Search moved to the top bar.
  • A better looking profile page. Way better than the old one!
  • Keyboard shortcuts. Who doesn’t love those?!

And what I don’t?

  • Bugs. For instance, I’m yet to create a list successfully since I got new Twitter.
  • The Search input box retaining the text “Search” even when clicked inside is annoying at the least.
  • When viewing a user profile, the lists that they create, they follow etc are now hidden.
  • Missing  “You both follow” and “Also followed by your follows” information.
  • No notification of direct messages.

Also, why is that the Settings page still has the old UI going back to the old header and footer having old links?