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Firefox being my primary browser, I have updated to the latest version released yesterday. Having not used the beta version at all, Firefox had a big surprise in store for me:  Very Fast Startup! Now, I am not comparing it with Chrome or any other browser out there. By Firefox’s standards, the 3.6 startup is super fast ! It’s been just a day of usage and so I am reserving comments on Firefox’s claim of improved JavaScript performance and browser responsiveness. For now, I did not perceive any change in performance. Here is a nice performance benchmarking of Firefox 3.6 with other browsers.

The one-click install of Personas is good but I am not really that excited about the feature. Protection from out-of-date plugins looks interesting. A feature that I missed noticing for sometime is that the new tabs are now opened next to the tabs that open them and not at the far end as before. Again, my bad missing the beta version. However, there is a config option to make the tabs open at the far end. Changing the option “tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent” in about:config to false is all it takes. Got this trick from here, where I also found out how to do prettier tab switching. Of course, the config option “browser.ctrlTab.previews” is set to false by default.

Side note: Firebug 1.5, ready for Firefox 3.6, was released just a day before the browser!