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Been inexplicably away from blogging for a long time (except for the birthday post) – it had been a tough month and a half in various aspects. Meanwhile, Ananth went to SA for a project implementation and those two weeks were boring without him to chit-chat with. He returned to India on my birth day and we had good fun that day with a late lunch at Woodlands, watching “Up” and what not !

On the technical side, I have got bitten by the Flex bug which is quite dangerously spreading in my team!! I am also starting to learn Ruby on Rails. I like Rails more than Flex and I might work on both these technologies in the coming months. Top Secret πŸ˜›

Work is otherwise monotone for sometime now with nothing interesting/challenging coming on the way. Anyway, enjoying what I do and trying to learn something out of whatever I do.

Last two months also saw an Increase (note the caps) in watching movies. Watched several films for the first time in life – Matrix, Lord of the Rings, Enemy at the Gates, Up, Dark Knight, Shrek to name a few.. Thanks to Manu and Karan.

Lord of the Rings – I must write about this magnum opus. Manu told me that it’s the best movie adaptation of a book ever and refused to give me the movies until I read the book and he bought me one (thanks dude!). By the time I finished the book, I was already blown away at the fantasy and the imagination. And the movies did not fail the expectations. All three were magnificent, especially the last one – Return of the King !!

I have been searching for a book for long (which I read in a local library at the age of 10 or 11) and finally got it yesterday at a book shop in T Nagar. “Thiruvarangan Ula” – a fascinating historical novel – is one of my most favourites and glad that I got hold of a copy of this 4-part book and have already finished the first part πŸ™‚

As always, would love to get back soon πŸ™‚