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Recent outage of my home computer made me watch TV a LOT ! And here I go ranting about what I saw and what I felt …

Recently a girl in a Delhi school died of Asthma attack at school and there was furore in the English media about it. I saw one discussion on “How safe are our schools ?” in some channel and was amused by the discussions. For instance, one person shouted about the lack of ambulances in the school. I wonder what schools they are talking about – those where there are no teachers, or those where there is no shelter, or those where there is no drinking water for students ?? No. They were talking about schools which charge them in lakhs and yet not provide “simple” facilities like ambulances.. Are the schools without water, shelter not our schools ? What is needed to make someone notice that there are such schools in this country in abundance ?

Next is the SL issue. First, I do not understand what is the issue all about. Tamils in Lanka getting killed is not new, at least to people here in Tamil Nadu. They have known it for two decades now. So what’s the sudden fuss about ? Oh, it’s election time. Now I got it. Without going into the merits, I think that it’s not our business to poke our nose into what ever is happening there. Raising the voice for a humanitarian cause is vastly different from raising it as a sentimental issue just because they are “us” Tamils ! That’s so stupid !!

There are more like BCCI granting amnesty to ICL players (bull !), the IPL (crap !) and so on, but I am bored and switch to Disney, which is the only thing worth watching anymore 🙂