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Google Trends has a rather peculiar feature about which I (and M) learned today after trying to figure out whether it’s a browser bug or some other random behavior !! As shown in the below screen shots, there are differences in the charts based on whether the user is signed in or not. Sure, they say it up front that we have to sign in to see and export additional data. But the data that they chose not to show, for people who are not signed in, is quite surprising to me – the y-axis of a chart !

CHART A – For people who are not signed in:
Google Trends when not signed in

Now, what can you get out of a chart (see Chart A) which has no information about the y axis. Especially in this case when you are looking for trends of websites – I can only see that site A is getting more attention than site B and no idea about the numbers whatsoever !!

CHART B – For people who are signed in:
Google Trends when signed in