Its always hard to start off a post when you have nothing concrete to write about (not even think of titles), yet you want to write one 🙂

Talking about stuff to write about, I ditched reading up on High Performance MySQL as I wished to and jumped on to learn jQuery instead. That’s going well though I have not tried out much real code yet. Have been doing some problems on Project Euler using Python in an attempt to get good at some idioms and liking that as well.

On the work side, doing some good design and stuff like that, but missing S a lot.

I adore all the rats that I have seen in my life so far – ya, you read it right, rats ! The likes of Mickey, Jerry and Speedy Gonzalez 🙂 But for the last one week, one small fellow have been creating such havoc at home and finally ended up getting caught in the trap today. Poor fella 😦