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Its been more than two weeks and I have nothing to write about ? Preposterous !! I ask myself – What all have happened in the areas that you do or follow closely? So here goes…

The final frontier was recaptured exactly where it fell the last time, 4 years ago. AK and SG left on a pleasant winning note now that the B&G trophy is safely back home. And by the way we, the TWC, were blamed by the Aussies for their poor show !! The English have arrived and had already taken beatings, rather unpleasant ones. But the whining Aussies, I hear, have thrashed poor NZ to return to winning ways.  Too much of cricket.  Off to the next topic..

At work, some surprises, some shockers and some busy days these. Trying to become an UNIX power user, anyway that’s what the authors of UNIX Power Tools claim 🙂 – wrote a working(!) awk script the other day. Also finished reading Java Puzzlers by Bloch & Gafter sometime ago and it was totally fun learning about things that you never know. Got High Performance MySQL in the reading list up next !

PS: Wondering what title can I give to this post ?