I started blogging a couple of years ago more like a pastime, with no good reason. But it soon turned out to be a place where I just dump anything and everything. After leaving college, it became more of a habit than a pastime activity. And except at times when work kept me absolutely busy, I continued with blogging regularly. Off late I have also started writing about the technical and programming stuff that I do and learn at and outside work. It feels so good to be of help to people than just being yet another blogger !

And why am I ranting about my blog now? Well, just to commemorate the fact that its been 25 months to the date since I started this blog !! I know that there are infinite other things in life that I can think and do at the moment rather than writing about such an insanely useless thing 🙂 But the reason I started this post is because of an amusing thought – Will I be blogging for 23 more years to celebrate the actual Silver Jubilee in 2031 ? – Ha ha, who knows, blogs might be obsolete then !!

On a related note, this is amusing !! Dunno where I am 😛