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I was having an irritating problem for the past few days – Write Access to a particular network folder from my work computer (Win XP) was denied for no reason whereas reading files was perfectly fine. I was bewildered when I found that I could write into the same folder from any other machine except mine ! Anjan suggested that it could be due to some networking password stored by Windows and asked me to clear them before trying again.

When looking for how to do it, I found this command first:

rundll32.exe keymgr.dll, KRShowKeyMgr

This command pops up a small app where it displays the information about stored network logons, if any.  And yes, there was an user account, which I should have inadvertently saved sometime back, which does not have write access to the particular folder. Once I cleared that saved entry, my Write Access was back! Hurray !!

Now, I got curious looking at that command. Just what the heck is that. Some more search and I found the “windows user” way. And here it is : Control Panel -> User Accounts -> Advanced -> Manage Passwords