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People die, government sleeps, media sensationalizes and rest of us blog. Seriously, what else can we do about this if the government that we elected to do the job is sleeping over a matter of such serious concern. I accept that writing a post about a terror attack is not going to help anyone in any way, but its the only way for us to pour our anger towards those cowards.

Bombay, Jaipur, Hyderabad, Ajmer, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and the list goes on….. And as usual the government comes up with a standard answer – “We had already warned the concerned states to be on alert. All metros are on high alert now blah blah”. When are they going to catch someone before bomb blasts for a change? What is the fate of all those blasts that had happened in the past? I dont think we have heard any convictions in any of them except the parliament attack and that case too is still sleeping somewhere in the rashtrapathi bhavan. When will the government accept the fact that merely paying lip service to the resilience of Mumbaikars, Hyderabadis etc is not going to be enough. These are God Damn Lives that are lost here. Accepted that terrorism is a big menace and its not the case that only India is a victim. But that does not give any reason for us to be completely idle and start blaming others every time an attack happens.