Imagine working on a really BIG project for nearly 6 out of the first 9 months of your career – boy, wont you be happy? I got such a wonderful opportunity to develop TNT aka TI and I must thank my bosses (one “Talkie”, the other “Techie” :D) for showing a hell lot of faith in me which is one of the main reasons that I delivered a great product !!

TNT is an online test infrastructure written completely using Java and FreeMarker strictly following the MVC pattern. Even though a lot of test engines, both proprietary and open source, already exist, we have done this from scratch because the idea was to build an engine that can be customized at will for all our future needs.

The project which went live on Jan 15 had its first real test on Feb 29. TNT was used as the platform to successfully conduct RIPMWC 2008, an annual Mathematics contest conducted by RI in Singapore, online for the first time. I have learned a lot about *USERS* during the last 2 months which no book can ever teach me. So much so that I had sometimes thought “how many days left before all this will be over?” Its all in the game 🙂

And why did I not blog anything for the last 40 days ? Read the post again – I was busy !! And the internet connectivity was so irregular for the past 4 days that I never got to finish the post and publish it !!!