Quite a lot happened over the last 4 days !

When in school and college, we always use “festive spirit” to good effect to avoid work for a couple of days or even more ! But little did I realize that this can happen in your workplace too on the day before Diwali !!

The festival day was as usual for me – eat lots of sweets and do nothing else… But for all the time I spent watching the second half of the Indo-Pak ODI, I could have done something useful. Yet another 99 and yet another disappointing loss 😦

Oh yeah, some of the “festive spirit” still remains for the next day and a fabulous dinner Ananth (Oh, he is the Tech. Boss at HeyMath!) gave at his home did nothing to reduce it 🙂 Had some great time with all the friends… Btw, his home is located in a maze somewhere in Anna Nagar !

It always feels good to be at college spending time with friends and thats exactly what I did today. Of course its Sriram who planned it and woke me up from sleep (a commendable task indeed) !!