I do read my college textbooks now and then to get an idea of whats useful for me now and whats not. I also read some of them when I want to sleep immediately 🙂 Tonight in a rather good mood, I took up Pressman and started skimming through the chapter on Testing !! Damn, that chapter is so good NOW that I can’t stop, but a couple of years ago, the situation was exactly reverse 🙂

Ofcourse there is a hidden, but good, motive behind me reading about testing all of a sudden ! You have to learn something before you do it right, right? Now, some of the stuff I found interesting in that book, lest I forget 🙂

Software Testing:

Who does it? During early stages of testing, a software engineer performs all tests. However, as the testing progresses, testing specialists may become involved.

What is the work product? A set of test cases designed to exercise both internal logic and external requirements is designed and documented, expected results are defined, and actual results are recorded.

Testing is the one step in the software process that could be viewed (psychologically, at least) as destructive and software engineers are by nature constructive people. [Oh! So true !!]

Objectives of Testing:

  1. Testing is a process of executing a program with the intent of finding an error.
  2. A good test case is one that has a high probability of finding an as-yet-undiscovered error.
  3. A successful test is one that uncovers an as-yet-undiscovered error.

Some quotes I really liked:

  • A working program remains an elusive thing of beauty – Robert Dunn
  • There is only one rule in designing test cases: cover all features, but do not make too many test cases – Tsuneo Yamaura
  • Bugs lurk in corners and congregate in boundaries – Boris Beizer
  • To err is human, to find a bug, divine – Robert Dunn

Well, its always the same, is it not? School books look nice when in college and college books seem to be interesting when out of college !! But it definitely feels good to learn something atleast now, if not when needed…