Well, how should I start this ?? Did I not say in my previous post that I ll reserve my best until after the finals ?? And lo, we have won the T20 WC !!

24 September 2007 : 24 Years and 3 Months after Kapil’s Devils shocked the world, today its the turn of Dhoni’s young brigade to rock !! Boy i m not gonna call them Men in Blue, they are Boys in Blue !! Since I had seen the 1983 win only on TV, seeing India win a WC (in whatever form it may be) is simply a ‘splendor’ful feeling 🙂 for a cricket crazy guy like me (much like millions of others in this damn country where we never follow any other sport!) Man, its an awesome final today in which we beat the arch rivals !!

Well, thinking about what made us the T20 Champions, I feel its the fact that none of us expected Team India to win this WC, given their inexperience in this format and a hard, long English summer.. For sure, I did not expect them to win. For that matter, I never believed we would reach the semis, forget about beating the Aussies giving them a taste of their own medicine. But when its Pakistan that awaited us in the finals, I really hoped we would come off it successfully. My hopes were almost dashed when the punjabi and mallu idiots (am i a bit harsh ?) combined to gift away the trophy to the opponents in the later stages of the Pak chase. But it is India’s Day at the Wanderers (where we got whacked up 4 years ago by the Kangaroos) and nothing is going to stop Dhoni from removing his shirt for a young fan and goto the presentation ceremony to receive the T20 World Cup in a sleeveless !!!