‘Overdose’ is an understatement – I saw only 3 colours in my tv today !! This is the first time I am spending time indoors on an Independence day; so I am not sure whether the media suddenly became too much patriotic or is it the usual media frenzy ?!?

But one news hit me hard. Outlook had listed some heroes and villains of Independent India and one guy in the list of villains does not make sense to me. It just does not make sense to list Azharruddin (yeah, our famous Cricket Captain of the 90’s) as a villain along with the Mahatma’s assassin and the killer politicians responsible for 1984 and 2002 !!! I am wondering whether match fixing is so much a crime as killing the Mahatma and massacring innocent civilians. No, not at all !!

And how did I celebrate my Independence ? Its 1700 hrs and already have slept, with a relaxed mind, for nearly 12 hours 🙂 Isnt that wonderful ?