60 Years of Independent India ! Is it of significance to us ? If yes, why and if not, again why ?

Yes, because we have achieved so much in these 60 years and must be proud of our achievements. No, because we have failed so much in these 60 years and must be ashamed of our failures.

    Democracy – Good on paper, but 1975 is a blot and dont even ask about this D-word today – its pathetic !

    Secularism – Again good on paper, 1984,1992-93,2002 made us hung our heads in shame.

    Nuclear Capabilities – Being a fan of the Missile Man of India, I would never question that.

    Sports – Brilliance in patches, but with little or no support available, our sportspersons have been doing pretty well !

    Industries – Not bad !

    Poverty & Hunger – Exponential Function would lose the battle here !

    Terrorism – Need to tell ?

Overall, we can’t just shout for a few days that its 60 years of Rising India (CNN-IBN is doing that for the past 2-3 months) and forget about it ! We need to remember those who shed their blood for keeping India safe through those tough times (47,62,65,71,99 — I wont be surprised if someone asks me what are these numbers !), those who are continuously being marginalized due to poverty etc, and those who can build a much stronger India !!