I was all along thinking how and what to write about how we had a blast of a day until i got soaked in the 7 pm rains that has become a daily routine in Chennai. I wonder how it starts raining exactly at 7 like magic !! Perhaps because its the 7th anniversary of HeyMath! and the rains like us 🙂

So, its the 7th anniversary of HeyMath! today and we celebrated it with an outing at MGM Beach Resort. Technically, thats it ! But, If I conclude the post here saying that we had great fun and enjoyed a lot bla bla, my smart friend VC will immediately ping me and shout – “Explain everything in detail!” like he did for the Foodfest 🙂 So here we go…..

We went there at 10 am and the plan was to enjoy ourselves by playing a lot of games, and of course WIN !! We got split into 3 teams and played some 9 games until lunch and any guess who won ??? C’mon its pretty simple, its the the team that I was in – “Knights” 🙂 These games included some weird ones like bursting balloons, filling water in buckets using glasses with holes in them, some Ctrl+F stuff which needs some brains (we won it hands down !), some races (there was a piggy back race and no points for guessing who rode on Satya) and the Great Tug of War !!! And to be fair, I remember only the games that the Knights won !

After lunch, its time for a great game of Cricket on the seashore. This time though, I was not that lucky cos I was not able to get into my rhythm and was pretty much the main reason that my team lost 😦 But again it was a nail-biting last ball finish !

Generally, it was great fun with songs, dance and all that stuff.. I had never got such an experience ever before and hated to come back; but then all good things must come to an end and we have got so many great years coming up for us to celebrate !!

[P.S: It was raining like hell by the time we reached office back at 7.30 pm, and all of us got wet as if we dipped into the Bay of Bengal, which they dint allow us to do !]