Its time for a BIG post ! Why? No special reason except that I have completed my first month in HeyMath! as a software developer and got my first pay today. So here i go with all the stuff that happened over the last 30 days. Don’t get bored, you wont get this kind of a post until June 1, 2008 when i will be writing my “End of Year One” post 🙂

I have learned loads of new technical stuff and thats the best part of the last 30 days. This includes Apache Tomcat, JSP, XML, FreeMarker, Ajax, SVN, Cookies and Sessions.. Wait!! I just grazed through these terms and technologies and have not mastered them, just not yet.. Foosball games (I mostly watch!!), some happy moments, some desperate moments (what else but bugs can cause them ?) and some good food (though the biscuits are always salty!) are all part of June 2007.

Not emotional or something but I use this post to thank all my friends who encouraged me (and still do) to achieve more in life ! And Special Thanks to Rajiv for introducing me to Eclipse which in turn made me learn Java easily !!! All said and done, the journey had just now begun and there is still a longggg way to go…

And I must not forget to mention the Pun of the Month – “Eval ah ivvala” 🙂