I have been expecting this to happen for months now !!! Waiting, waiting and more waiting….. And Sachin finally got his 15000 today and in what style !! It does not matter to me that he missed yet another ton today 😦 A slow and steady 99 and a blazing 93, enough to shut the mouths of critics who were baying for his blood after he got out cheaply against Ireland !!

I cant understand people complaining that Sachin is on the wane. True, he is not at his blazing best whenever he walks on to the field nowadays. But jus have a look at these stats: Its 6 years (when he blew away the Oz with his 28th ODI ton) now since he got his 10000th ODI run. At that time he had 28 tons in 12 years of ODI cricket. In the next 6 years he had got himself 13 more tons. Thats that..

  1. First 12 Years – 28 centuries – 10000 runs
  2. Next 6 Years – 13 centuries – 5000 runs

Now tell me, is Sachin on the wane ?!?! I dont think so.. Still Doubting ? Read this!!