So, how to begin the story of my first week at Heymath! ? Ya, I know it. I m not going to tell 🙂 C’mon I can’t go out telling wat I am doing there, can I ??? What i can tell is that i have found out a whole lot of new friends..

But certainly, i paused more than once in the last few days to think abt our learning process and the whole educational system (which i often complain about). Do we learn or study? I think the latter is the majority. Despite this if Indians are bright enough to teach Maths to the world (read US) !!! we must be proud, yaar !!

And to wind up things, these are some really cool posts that i hit upon when i was tag-surfing here….

[UPDATE: I received a personal complaint from a reader that I have not named these new friends. So here we go – Ananth, Satya, Prashant Shukla, Manu, Ravi, Prashant, VC(the “smart” reader who complained), etc etc. And to the complainant, dont ask me to extend those etceteras !!]