Well, the final semester results are out yesterday. I scored a degree-best 9.667 but it was just not enough to become the dept. topper for a record 3rd time !! Nevertheless, I am happy with what i have got – a CGPA of 9.272 to finish my BE degree – but for one fact. Until yesterday, I am the only one to top the department TWICE (in GPA’s – semesters 4 & 6)* and today 2 more students have emulated me !!

At the end, these are my GPA’s => 9.44, 8.708, 9.038, 9.6, 9.042, 9.364, 9.407 and 9.667 for the 8 semesters respectively.  I am happy to note that my GPA’s never fell below 9 after that poor performance in the 2nd semester.

We have done 61 courses overall and I have got 29 S grades, 22 A grades, 6 B grades and 4 C grades. I must confess that I am extremely disappointed that I could not get 2 more S grades for that would have made the percentile of my S grades go beyond 50 !!!

(* – A reader misunderstood the text without this information !!)