Well, I could not have asked for a better start to this month after the so called “EndSem” debacle last month. I enjoyed sleeping, reading novels and playing games all in my frend’s lappy as my system is still out of order !! Not to forget the movies at hostel almost daily !! Not to mention me trying to learn Perl 🙂

Then comes the external review.. It started on 7th and i had it today.. Not bad, but i sincerely believe that the external reviewer was a bit too harsh upon us and GOK why !

And at last, nearly 10 months after selecting me in on campus placements, Juno Online sent me the offer letter today… In fact i was a bit worried as to why it has not come yet 🙂 They have asked me to join on August 6th… Man, thats a long way to go.. Waiting to enjoy life at Hyderabad !!!

And meanwhile RIM had tied my hands literally, cos their network is down and faulty I could not send any SMS 😦 Now wat on hell can i do with my mobile without messaging, eh ?

I forgot one thing.. Google sent me a Thank You letter !!