In the last 10 years, one day cricket has changed much into a game of batsmen due to new rules, poor pitches and small grounds. To withstand this and continue to be batsmen’s nightmare is something very few bowlers have achieved. More recently, in 2006, a match in Johannesburg totalled 872 runs and caused a uproar among experts about the quality of oneday pitches. All these are stories of the past…

March 5, 2007. Warm up matches start for World Cup 2007. Numero Uno South Africa met Ireland. What a stunning match it was !!!

Few highlights of the match are :

  • No boundaries were hit in the entire game.
  • SA were at one stage, 91/8 , and eventually managed 192 and lost their 10th wicket in the 300th ball of the innings.
  • Ireland made 157 in 44 overs.

To the best of my knowledge (and I am pretty gud in these stats) , there has been NO match in which there were 0 boundaries !! I wonder whether to make fun of SA and their No.1 ranking or to praise Ireland’s efforts that almost toppled SA, but for one guy, Hall.  The pitiable fact is that this match is, ofcourse, not an official ODI.