For the first time in my college life, i stayed in hostel yesterday night. Since second review is on wednesday, i was frantic and keep on coding throughout day and night… My typical schedule for the last 2-3 days :: wake up at 7 am, goto Asb room by 9 am, start coding, ……… , stop at 8 or 9 pm and come back home, continue coding, …. stop at 1 or 2 am, goto bed !!! And this reached its heights yesterday…. Since we ve gotta show demo to our guide today ( which we eventually dint, cos she was unavailable) , i worked really hard and spent the whole night in Asb room coding and testing until 3 am.. ( For a guy who loves sleeping second only to studying, this is TOO much ) !!!!

 The review started today.. I have not yet finished some modules which i hopefully shd complete by tomorrow.. Hope everything goes off well !!