HURRAY !!! No more Labs..

It all started when I stepped into AU on 17th July 2003. Labs!! They are a part and parcel of our college life. And today, its all over.. What started in a Chemistry Lab (OMG! pipettes and burettes.. ) ended in a Software Systems Development Lab today 3rd November 2006.

So wats it all about ? Weekly exercises, records, assessments, internals, projects and semester exams… In between all these, Quake, Unreal, NFS etc are played with a lot of passion.. It became even worse (or better, for the concerned ppl) in this semester with songs and movies being played in lab..

I was eagerly awaiting this day for long, because i cant imagine how life would be wen there is no lab sessions which wud consume 8-10 hours in a week..
This also marks the end of my 7th semester. And the only thing thats left is Semester Exams !! Thats on Nov 9th.. Hope i do well !!