Whew ! I ve not written a single post ever since I wrote my first blog !! You see, I cannot be mistaken.. After all, this September has been the worst month in my life.

That too, purely due to my final year project. Read on:

Sep. 1
Afternoon – Announcement => FYP Review on Sep.15th
Evening – Vijayalakshmi ma’am(My FYP Guide) gave us a scare by asking to deal the review by ourselves !!

Sep. 2,3
My dear Cisco Srini’s [he s no longer called so :-)] system is in repair. And dear Asb is not that well versed in searching IEEE papers. So, the job of finding a base paper fell on me and I did made it..

Sep. 4-11
We got 2 papers and Me and Srini was fighting which one to choose. Asb brokered by suggesting to ask Viji ma’am.. OMG ! Ma’am accepted Srini’s choice !! I was happy, though .

Sep. 15
The D-day !!! At the end of the day, we got ourselves into a mess and RP ma’am wanted us to give a report ‘cos she s not satisfied with our project. She is one woman u cannot satisfy so easily. And the problem is “she is a genius”.. Easily, the best in our dept.. We thought that we ll do the report later and shelved it..

Sep. 18-29
Ten days of assessment tests shud ve followed.. but some mad students made it go upto to the 9th of October. And suddenly came an announcement – Submit FYP reports on Oct 5th !! In between, our guide came back from 4 months of maternity leave..

Thus ended a very bad September. Or so, i thought. Without knowing there s worse to follow in the first week of October…

What else, we got bulb from RP yet again. Worse, this time in front of our guide !! Easily, October 5th is the worst day in my life so far..

And the joyous events in a separate post !!!