The joyful events of September and first half of October:

As usual, the fun (??) filled college  hours !!!

Then the buzzling activities of Prodigy ’06..

Prodigy is an event conducted for school children by AU CEG ACM CHAPTER. This year we had nearly 1500 students from 250 schools all over Tamil Nadu participating in the extravagant event on 7th October 2006.

I was in charge of conducting the Brain Tweakers and Open Minds events along with Prash. (Now, he is one techie friend of mine) And Lol, I m one of the Board of Directors !! True to myself, I did no hard or gr8 work for Prodigy.. It s purely ‘cos of the untiring work by Sriram (Pointer), Vetri and co., Prodigy ’06 became a grand success !! After my FYP debacle, on Oct 7th Prodigy had a soothing effect on my mind. I learnt yet another lesson that day.. “Life is always thorny, but hard and smart work will always make it easy !!” Thanks to Pointer **

ACM ICPC – Me, Prash and Kenshi teamed up for ACM ICPC and got 4th rank in the qualifiers held at college. And we decided to go for the big one. Prash motivated me that we can achieve at higher levels and I too liked the challenge.. The online contest is on Oct 17th and I am eagerly looking forward to that..